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Electricity Generation From Solar Power

RGF, works in rural areas which are off the grid, where the cost of charging a mobile phone is per hour and sometimes, you hardly get a 30% charge for a two hours charging, we have paid more to transport our basic manual production machines than the actual cost of repair.
We also appreciate that to create affordability for the clean energy products there must be economic activities which will put money in people’s hands for them to be able to pay for the alternative energy products.
RGF is developing a solar mini grid in Bidi Bidi refugee settlement, we believe that energy for productive use has a major role to play in the achievement of SDG 7. A large number of the population in sub-saharan Africa don’t have access to the grid.

Advocate for clean energy access through

Bringing problems and solutions to the attention of decision-makers—including development partners, state legislators, regulators and local officials.

Developing appropriate messages and materials for making the case to decision-makers.

Building relationships with key players in the state, the region and at the global level

Media outreach: Through media events, press releases, working group meetings and other outreach with a goal of building support for action against energy poverty.

Coalition building: Identify, reach out and work with partners who can help us reach out to more people.

Achievement of SDG 7, will be realised with development of sustainable extensive reforms of energy systems world-wide. To achieve this, we must increase efficiency at all levels of the energy system, reduce global emissions, and extend the technical-industrial energy base. All this must be done primarily through research and studies that provide open source material. RGF commits to sharing all its research information on open source platform.


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