Why The Girl Child ?

The word Gabdho is a Somali word meaning Girls. According to statistics, 1million South Sudanese refugees have sought safety in Uganda since last July and 85% are women and children under the age of 18 years.

Uganda is a country with the highest influx of refugees from Congo, Rwanda, south and north Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Burundi. Due to the difference in languages and education curriculums millions of children and youth are out of school. Girls education and employment opportunities are further limited to gender-based violence and discrimination. Without education or vocational training their enormous potential to contribute to their families and society goes largely unsupported.

Women and children especially girls are typically responsible for cooking and often travel up to 20 kilometers in the rural setting to fetch firewood making them vulnerable to violence and exploitation. This is especially true for refugees because food distributed by the humanitarian agencies in the camps must be cooked. In the Urban center with the high cost of living the quality of food is compromised to save money for fuel.

In addition, Raising Gabdho carefully engages men and boys, adult women and community leaders to shift their attitudes and expectations for the girl child. We work with the whole community to ensure that girls are not only empowered with what they need to succeed, but also collectively supported to achieve their full potential.


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