About Us


The Raising Gabdho Foundation (RGF) was established in mid 2015 and formally registered in April 2016 RGF was founded by Basemera Sarah who is currently the team leader of the organisation

Sarah was introduced to community and design work after she was selected to attend a Human Center Design (HCD) training organised by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in partnership with Inter Aid Uganda (IAU) and Office of Prime Minister (OPM) which was to benefit 70% refugees and 30% Ugandans. After numerous community consultations she realised that a sustainable intervention to reduce energy poverty was urgently needed in the communities to strengthen self-reliance and resilience to energy poverty among the vulnerable communities with a major focus on women and youth hence the birth of RGF.

RGF was established to work with communities to develop lasting approaches to safe and sustainable energy access by working with locally available materials and resources which include briquettes made from waste biomass, or low cost stoves that are made using grass and ant hill/clay soil, which are a first step towards moving away from the three stone fire.

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We aim to accelerate embracement of renewable energy technologies through providing quality, reliable accessible and sustainable renewable energy technologies.

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Our Vision

We are committed to ensure that our business model spearheads the renewable energy movement for a cleaner and greener environment in Africa

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Donate now to contribute to funds that support our cause to deliver much needed expertise and programing to strengthen community resilience and recovery..


Our Contacts

  • 0414 670394
  • info@raisinggabdho.org
  • www.raisinggabdho.org
  • Ntinda-Nakawa Ntinda-Chwa 2 Road Ntinda Complex Innovation Village.